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Archive: Free Time Business Ideas (Sim-Wolf)

Post  Sim-Wolf on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 7:58 pm

This is an archived forum topic from the old Sim-Wolf Forum.

With Free Time's release just over a month away, it's time for me to ask Buisness lovers what types of Businesses they're going to create. Any ideas I really like, I'll add to the Business Ideas section on the Miscellaneous page. I'll also try building community lots for each new business idea when the game comes out, even though I haven't managed to finish and upload all the lots I've been building for Businesses yet.

Here's some of my ideas...
Sports Centre (With Basketball courts, football pitches, etc.)
Model Railway Exibition (Where you can sell accessories for Model Railways and customers can have a look at other Sims' railways)
Garage (Reapairs Cars. I'm not sure how this would work yet)
Pottery Shop (Sells Pottery items)
Teddy Bear Shop (Sells Teddy Bears made with the Sewing Machine)
Fashion Store (Sells Clothes made with the Sewing Machine)

Alright,I'm not going to hog all the ideas, here's your chance to think up the most creative business ideas.

Hi you were saying how garage repair cars work for a business well I will tell you how. It is actully a VERY easy way of getting money, you could call me helping you or thinking another one of my ideas, well this idea just popped into my head when I read above. Anyway you will need the sims 2 open business and also some cars you can get cars by having the sims 2 nightlife, downloading cars (I download my objects and cars off the official site, saves so much hassle)or if you have the sims 2 freetime you can build a car and sell that! Now after you have sorted that get everything ready for your home business then start your home business you will need a driveway the best idea i to make row of long driveways and make the store like a big garage make room for the cash register and build your house at the back, when someone buys your built car you won't need to build anotherone all you need to do is restock it.
I hope I helped you, please write back. Bye!

Yes this is a good idea.

I found out that it was not possible to sell the restored cars on community lots as you can only buy cars on community lots as wholesale and the restored car has to be taken from the inventory as it is not even in the buy mode catalogue at comm. lots. as the broken car. So I was very disappointed at that. But home businesses selling the restored cars are possible, so it wasn't too bad. :\

And I agree with you, selling cars is a great way to make money.

A sports center, selling:

Basket ball nets

sport ctothes (I am not sure ho to decide what clothes you sell)

some sports decerations and whatever else you want in your store

Another idea is instead selling your pots, clothes and other things from the sewning machine, let your sims make their own by selling sewning machines and potery machines you can also put this in your shop:

Sell some furniture to put in their special sewing and pottery room

A pool table is good to put in the shop

Thanks for reading and please write back. Bye!

Oh. I thought I already replied to this post. Yes. I was thinking about making a sports store too selling sports equipment.

And unfortunately, you can't choose what clothes are available in your store. You can however use the Suggest Outfit for feature, to sell clothes to customers. When the buy bar reaches the top, you get to choose what outfit they are going to buy. They will then put this outfit on when they leave the store as their default clothes.

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