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Post  Sim-Wolf on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 8:08 pm

This is an archived forum topic from the old Sim-Wolf Forum.

HELP MY game is crashing is there a way to swap disks without restarting my game? Bye!

Hmmm. Would you be able to write down exactly what your problem is, and what the error message is when your game is crashing?

If you have edited your neighbourhood in SimPE recently, and have also bought the IKEA Stuff Pack, then that might have something to do with it. (I had a similar problem. I edited the memories without an updated version of SimPE. I had to start my game again.)

If you do get your game fixed, or have to restart it, you should keep a backup folder somewhere on your computer. Every month or so, or before you're going to do something risky, copy your neighbourhood folder to your backup location.

Oops. Are you meaning its crashed? And you don't want to restart what you have done today? If that is the case, I'm afraid you'll have to restart it. I mean, begin where you started today.

What happends is the game keeps flicking for eg.I load downtown then the note for the music keeps repeating for ages and won't load, I think it might be to CD

It sounds like the same problem I had. I could load it up perfectly till I got to the neighbourhood chooser. Then when I tried to load my neighbourhood (The others were OK), but Pleasantview and all its sub-hoods kept making my game crash. And they had that sound flicker too.

So the question is, did you use SimPE on your neighbourhood? If so, that's probably what's causing it, and you'll need to start your game again. :'(

Actully I don't too much about restarting it I have done this before but the thing that worries me is that there are loads of scratches on the freetime disk there is another way that might help, if I get the sims 2 apartment life. This I think will refresh everything. Bye!

Oh. Have you tried loading a different neighbourhood? That would confirm whether its a problem with your neighbourhood or not.

For the disk scratches, there used to be this thing at Toys R Us called Scratch Busters. You send your disk in one of the scratchbuster envelopes you get from the store, and they'd put a new coating on the disk and get rid of scratches.

I sent in my Sims 1 for PS2, and RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Disks, and both worked perfectly when they came back. I still need to send in my Bustin Out disk though, but I don't know if its still open.

Its working again! that means I can tell you more about the charlet story! about 3 days ago it just worked. I also have a friend who has loads of scracthes on their disk and it still works fine they say! Bye!

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