The Rules!

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The Rules!

Post  Sim-Wolf on Wed 17 Sep 2008, 10:01 pm

In order to keep this forum a safe and friendly place for everyone to enjoy, you MUST obey these rules at all times!

1. No Bad Language! This includes swearing, offensive words, mature words, etc.

2. No Bullying! Anyone who bullies, deliberately upsets, threatens, etc. will likely end up with an account suspension, or even a ban. Discrimination and offense towards someone's racial background, religion, sexuality, nationality, etc.

3. No Mature Content! This forum is suitable and safe for everyone in general (which includes children). That means no mature/adult talk, links, images, etc. are allowed. Users who majorly break this rule will be banned.

4. No Spam! Spamming the forum is not acceptable. It clogs up the page with unrelated posts meaning users cannot find what they want without searching through a list of junk. Users who are caught spamming the forum will get a warning which will then lead to a suspension.

5. No Going Off-Topic! The off-topic category is here for a reason. That is the only part of this forum where you should be posting about topics other than The Sims.

Obviously there are more things which are right and wrong than just these five rules. But use your common sense and you'll get along just fine. Wink Disobeying these rules can lead to anything from a warning to suspension, a ban, or a permenent ban.


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