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Post  Sim-Wolf on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 8:18 pm

This is an archived forum topic from the old Sim-Wolf Forum.

Another expansion idea is the sims 3 pets! Here is some info about it...

You can get more pets and whether its a hamester to a lizard you can see their needs! You also get more pets these are the pets you can get: Cat, dog, rabbit, hammester, gini pig, snake, monkey, wolf (even tough they are hard to get and are hidding in a secret lot! ect. You can even get zoos! You can even make a strray pet and controll them! But for now I think I will tell you more later I need to go. Bye!

About the stray pets...

You can controll stray pets, they will have less needs and it will takes longer for thier needs to decay The only only problem is that they smell most of the time and will die 4 or 5 days of old age than a normal pet would when they die of old age. (The pet lives longer depending on how healthy they are)
The werewolfs are in it too! And they are even better than last time! Of course they look exactly like the sims 2, but when they howl for the wolfs ALL the werewolfs in the neiberhood will come and howl in front of you even if they are at work. Or you can howl for the wolfs and they will do the same. Another thing you can do is savage them to deth (if you do this they will die) don't or savage them to make wolf (if you do this they will become a wolf too!) WARNING: if your sim is a werewolf and evil they might kill your sim!

I will tell you more about the werewolfs and some secret lots that you can go to in the game! Bye!

I think werewolves killing other Sims is far too violent for a Sims game and would push the age rating up to a 15, or even 18. I think the werewolf's appearance could be changed a bit. The hair/fur needs to stick out more instead of it just looking like a skin tone. The Sim also needs to get bulkier, and their clothes should get torn/ripped. lol. The head could also be improved to look more like a wolf. (I don't know why there's no werewolf hair for females).

Yes, I think your right about reasens

Yes the secret lot well I am not what to call it, (If you have any ideas let me know)the entrance is a cave in another lot and that cave leads into a different lot (unfortantly the only way to get in is the cave and if you try get into it at night a wolf will attack you and in day there will be know wolfs in there (they will be asleep or out)

I will tell you more about the lot and how to get in and mybe more about th pets themselfs. Bye!

When your sim is a werewolf they will look bulkyer and because of this thier clothes will be ripped apart (When your sim is a werewolf they will be stupid sloppy mea ect. (This is becuase the moon posses them. They will be like this intil it is day and they they are in human form (if they are inside and there is no windows your sim will remane as human, intil they look at the moon) You get more options to do with your pet. If you have any other ideas let me know. Bye!

Another thing about the sims 3 pets is you can have a farm! All the animals you need to have a farm, you can sell the food for money or you can eat it your self! Unlike the sims seasons you can actully go into your barn and decerate it, you could even live in it! Now that you have got pets you can even take them to university, but it will have to be in a house, not the dorms. You now get new jobs, a vet is one of the coolest! Its a bit like a doctor apart from your carpool starts off as the junky one instead of the ambulence. Now that your pets are ill you can now get it to a vet! Another job is a dog walker unfortantly a you can not be promoted for this job. Your dog will need a walk it will say if it needs a walk if you don't it will jump around, so just walk it or you can get a dog walker to do it for you. (though you do need to pay him)

I will tell you more. Bye!

I like that idea. And the farm animals. Just as long as you have to keep the animals, and they don't go to market if you know what I mean. Razz

Yes I like the farm idea too!One of my faveroute farm animals on the horse, why? Because you can not only ride it in the felds, you can use it as transport too! You can pet your oet on sale or buy one thats on sale, new lots like pet shops horse riding leasen school, farms, and more! If you have a pet that lives in a cage, you can deside the shape and colour then design the inside of the cage! You might become eniemies with, or enjoy your furry friend with our new asperation PUPPY LOVE (which is even avalible for cildren!) I hope you think this was a good idea for a future game, if you have any questions or any other ideas, feel free to say. Bye!

The front cover will have a werewolf on and a lady patting a horse, next to the horse will be a wolf, the lady is carreing a hamster and obove the wolf will be a parrot flying. Next is you can now take your pets to collige! You can take them into your house that your payong for rent, its fun, unfortantly you can't take them into the dorms, well you can but if you get cuaght with it at all, it will be taken away though you can allways lock the room. New socials are on the game too! You can do all the options from the sims unleashed and the sims 2 pets with your pets and sims, know you can get even more with other sims!

I need to go, tell you more. Bye!

Hmmm, the front cover would look good, I like the idea of sending your pets to campus too.

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