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Archive: How to become a werewolf (oliandadem) (Includes Zombie Personality Help)

Post  Sim-Wolf on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 8:29 pm

This is an archived forum topic from the old Sim-Wolf Forum.

To become a werewolf you need to be nibbled by the leader. Wolfes will come when you have lots of weeds or trees, I have heard that they are attracted to toddlers, the wolfes come in three colors the wolf with the yellow eyes is the leader this is the wolf you want to pay attention to, though leaders only come at night. You will a high relationship with the leader keep improving your sims relationship with the sim the higher relationship they have the more the wolf will visit, when your relation ship is 100 he will nibble your sims hand your sim will become ifected and turn into a werewolf. your werewolf can also turn other people into werewolfs like vapires to do this with your warewolf click on the other sim you want to be warewolf then select savage they will have a fight whether your sim wins or loses the other sim will get ifected by the scraches.

Note: Werewolfs are pretty cool but I would't recemend it as can turn your sim to the dark side and when they become a wolf it will be in their memries but allways BAD!

I hoped I helped you I will tell you how to get more reserections, please write back. Bye!

Thanks for posting this.

I prefer getting my old werewolf Sims to salvage the other Sims as the Leader of the Pack process really confuses me. (I end up using boolProp to make them friends. lol.)

Its also a shame about the memories. I think the Knowledge Sims should have a good memory of becoming a werewolf. They like it when they are vampires, and they get the want for becoming a werewolf.

Yes I expected that you would use the boolProp cheat, I used a different cheat to get the werewolf to you the cheat is BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true or false its the same cheat but with caps in different places.

I also know how to get a robot to do this you need the sims 2 open business and the non deadly robots machine. You will need a gold badge by using the boolProp or BoolProp cheatthen click on the machine and go to make then servey and they should start making it then when the servey is made pick it up and put it inside your lot it should also say what to name it and what gender you want it to be. The robot works like a sim but it can't age unfortantly it can still die. Robot are usefull because they clean your house while you hem and have robot shop.
Thanks for reading writecan sit back and relax!
Or you can choose to sell it and even have a robot store
Thanks for reading please write back. Bye!

I don't think the caps in cheats actually matter. I only put the caps there because in the game the official cheat is spelt like that with those exact caps. But I always spell it without any caps at all when using it in the game.

Robots are pretty cool too. I used the cosmetic surgery (or was it insimenator?) and the Vanity table to make them look like proper Sims. Robot-Sims.

You mean the home plastc surgery kit? Anyway do you know how to get zombies like vapires it will sometimes come in there memries as good I had a sim who wanted to be a zombie, I mean who would want to die? Zombies are made by the grimreaper (even though he doesn't really lke zombies). To get zombies you need the sims 2 university and the parnormal carrier reward. The grimreaper will ask which sim you want to bring back to life then will ask you how much you would like to pay. Pay something like 3000 simuleens and your sim is a zombie!

I will tell you more about zombies on the on the universty forum(still on this website) Tell my what it is like with a zombie! (mind they look really weired) Bye!

Hi I am colin and I like cheese and the sims. I never knew that you can get zombies but why is the persinalety gon the opisite to what it used to be and I don't mind if they though they do make a lot of noise. Thanks!

Hi, colin.

Yes, zombies are pretty cool. The personality change is a side effect from paying a less amount of money to the grim reaper when ressurecting the Sim. If you pay 988 - 4127, the Sim will be ressurected as a Zombie, and they lose most of their skills as well as getting the "zombie personality". This is obviously very low. If you pay 4128 - 8512, the Sim will be ressurected as a normal Sim, bbut will 3 skill points less in every skill, and have their personality reversed. (Maybe this happens with Zombies too). And if you pay 8513 or above, the Sim will be back as normal with the skils and personality they died with. If you pay less than 987, you won't get anything at all, but will have lost the money you paid.

If you pay over 1000 for children, they will be back as normal. If you pay less, they won't come back at all.

Zombies should be generally, mean, outgoing, sloppy, playful, and active. Though it can be changed manually.

I'm not sure if using cheats/hacked objects to make a Sim a zombie has these effects.

Hi colin nice to meet you, another bad reason for having zombies is that they can't have babies ever again. And don't forget that they are not invincible so be careful you don't kill them again!

I killed Drake once and made him into a zombie, was he still the evil Drake as we know him or has he turned good I have noticed, you know zombies eat peoples brains in films with zombies, well I've noticed Drake has been thinking about brains a lot and his persinality did change when he became a zombie. Bye!

Note: I did not save Drake as a zombie, I only made him a zombie so I could test on him and find out more about zombies

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