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thanks simwolf for starting this.Anyways i was wondering what everybody did in pleasantview because i know story wise a couple people on the sims2 boards plus me have some inteseresting twists


Hi, badlilbrunette22. I have a couple of twists.

First of all, out of the top of my mind, Cyd Roseland and Brandi Broke got married. They had 2 children, and had to bring up Bill Broke (Skip and Brandi's child that Brandi was already pregnant with) at the same time. Beau and Dustin had already moved out with their girlfriends. Cyd's son, who I called Roger Roseland, grew up to look like his father, except he looked more like a motorbike rider because he has a beard and a sort of biker outfit. He got married to Melody Tinker from Bluewater Village. Cyd's daughter, who's name I've forgot, got married to Malcolm Landgrabb IV. She does all the housework because Malcolm, in my game, has turned into a slob, that's only interested in money.

Dirk and Lilith (Pleasant) Dreamer secretly killed Darren in a fire so they could keep the house to themselves. But Cassandra Goth, got left with the altar and ressurected Darren so they could get married. (She's quite sad). Anyway, they had a child, David. Darren walked into Lurktown (my vampire neighbourhood), and came back to Pleasantview as a creature of the night. He bit his son, David, and so the Dreamers moved to Lurktown. Cassandra was never a vampire though.

Gilbert Jacquet is engaged to Florence Della Rosa, but they are not living together yet.

Mortimor Goth and Bella were reunited, but not for long as Bella died of old age. Alexander Goth grew up with the Fortune aspiration, and got a facelift so he looked more like his father. He looked rather creepy thhough. Anyway, he married Jodie Larson, and they had two kids, both of which win the SimCity Scholarship for the Uglified.

Jason Larson, fell in love with Chester Gieke and moved in with him, and he has more than 30 lovers who are all males. He didn't like Chester after a while though, so he sawed of the pool ladder whilst Chester was swimming, and he couldn't get out. Jason ressurected him to be a zombie and then sawed the pool ladder off again whilst Chester was in it. The SimCity Citizens hate Jason though, and are plotting their revenge.

Dustin and Angela had about 4 kids, 3 females and 1 male. Dustin had been nibbled by the leader of the pack, and transformed into a hairy human like werewolf each night.

Daniel and Mary-Sue broke up after he was found doing woohoo with the maid. But before Mary-Sue had left, Daniel had won her back, and they got remarried.

John and Jennifer Burb became famous and moved to Lakeside Village. (where all my famous, and rich sims live) There, John became a werewolf after being savaged by Dustin Broke, but he cured himself after a while. John and Jennifer are both Elders.

Don Lothario and Dina and Nina Calinte are just like townies really because I never play with them.

I think that's all of them from Pleasantview, and some from Bluewater Village, but I might of forgotten some. Jason Larson is really annoying me now (not because he's gay), so I don't think he has long before I come up with an evil storyline.


ok well this is weird because i posted this forever ago and still hadn't told what i had did with pleasantview myself.So heres what i did.Cassandra and Don did get married and are currently plannning on having a baby.Mortimer and Dina got married also and had a baby girl Rose.Brandi broke fell in love with Dareen and they got married but aren't planning on having kids considering they had her pregnant to begin with.Dirk and Dustin went to college with the Pleasant Twins.There was like a serious glitch and Angela got pregnant with Dustin's baby it was a boy named Skip after his dad lilith and dirk got married and moved in with brandi and darren.Daniel and Mary-Sue had a third child but while she was pregnant they broke up because she caught him with the maid.So then Daniel married the maid and had twins with her.I think thats it.I like keeping the custom neighborhoods custom so i didn't add anybody.Oh but i did add the Oldie family.They just kind of lived out there lives and Herb wanted to woohoo everytime they woke up so from morning till night they basicly slept eat went to the bathroom and woohooed.I think that Herb died while they were cuddling and getting ready to woohoo lol.


Lol. You have a very creative Pleasantview. Oh well, at least Herb died when he was doing what he likes best. lol. That's kind of wrong. I started playing with Don the other day. I made him move Nina in, but their not getting married because they're both Romance Sims.

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