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Quality Screenshots

Post  Sim-Wolf on Fri 19 Sep 2008, 10:18 pm

When I say "quality". I mean screenshots which I have taken from my game which I really like. I have uploaded a few of my favourites to photobucket and I am going to share them with you all. Smile Feel free to upload and share your own too.












From Top to bottom.

Pic 1: This was a random screenshot I took of Brandon Lillard who happened to be walking past my house. I had already changed is face and hair to make him look better.

Pic 2: I have an idea what you might be thinking. But these two men are actually brothers who are into fashion. I took this screenshot and thought it looked quite good.

Pic 3: I took this screenshot of one of my Sims restoring a car. I just thought it looked quite good too.

Pic 4: After this man was abducted by aliens, I got this great snapshot of his arrival back home.

Pic 5: I took this picture in neighbourhood view. I thought it was cool how the clouds could be seen behind the plumbbob on a dull day.

Pic 6: Another plumbbob pic, but this one had a Summer feel.

Pic 7: I really liked this one. It is in Pleasantview. I think it would look great as a neighbourhood choose image for it. But I thought it was one beautiful picture of the neighbourhood's lake.

Pic 8: After taking the plumbbob pics I thought I might as well take one of the simolean above a Sim-Owned Business.

Pic 9: Now this one is my absolute favourite! I adore this photo. It is just so beautiful. I love how the dog is so calm looking out into the waves. I suppose you can feel the atmosphere in the image.

Pic 10: I thought this was really sweet. It had a nice background, and I had the Special Event Camera disabled, so I thought it was a good chance to take a good picture.

Pic 11: This was actually pretty scary. A dog had knocked over the trash can earlier, and my Sim happened to transform into a werewolf beside it. After the transformation, it looked like he had knocked over the trash can and was looking for a "who's next" target, if you know what I mean.

Well, that's all I can find. Comment on them all you like and share your own good, quality, screenshots too. Smile But make sure they aren't just random pics you have took for different reasons which don't have much qualitiness about them. What would be the point in this thread in that case? xD

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