Archive: I want to change my neighberhood (oliandadem)

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Archive: I want to change my neighberhood (oliandadem)

Post  Sim-Wolf on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 7:07 pm

This is an archive forum topic from the old Sim-Wolf Forum.


Ho do I change the main picture of my neiberhood? (the one on the main menu)


Well, you'll need to find your neighbourhood folder.

My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods

Find the folder where your neighbourhood is in. If its Pleasantview it will likely be N001. If its Strangetown it will likely be N002.

Anyway, once you find it, in that folder you'll find an image with the name like...

Open the image you want to replace it with, with a program like PhotoStudio, or Infranview. Anything that can change the size of any image. (Paint isn't a very good program to use for this, unless its already the same size as the neighbourhood image.)
Resize your image to 400x300. (400 pixels high, 300 pixels long). Then save it as a .png file and call it "N001_Neighborhood", but replace the "1" with the number of your neighbourhood. Now move the original neighbourhood image somewhere else, or delete it. And place the new image in the folder.
The image should now be replaced.


Cool! Thank for telling me it has really helped, I was getting bored with the plane images anyway, thank you! Bye! Ok thats weired

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