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Post  Sim-Wolf on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 7:47 pm

This is an archived forum topic from the old Sim-Wolf Forum. You may still reply to it if you like.

Post your Business ideas here. You can find some of mine on the Miscellaneous page!

a night club is always fun!or a bakery.Things like kids stores or furniture stores are great ideas too!!!!

***check my page!

Have you tried a Music Store? It's hard to sell things to start of with, but once your rank goes up a bit, it gets quite easy!

thanks i never thought of that.I hear that car lots make big money but i think they take alot of money to start,and thanks for visiting my page!!!!!

You're Welcome. I had cars for sale in one of my general stores before, but I used moveobjects to place them so I wouldn't have hardly any space. I know its cheating but I normally use Motherlode to buy Community Lots. I'm going to come up with more ideas for businesses, because Open for Business is by far my favourite Expansion Pack.

I'm also going to try making a small concert hall or Town Hall with bands playing. All I need to do is put the stairs to the stage in a room with a door locked for Household only. I will then add a Electroinic Ticket Machine so people pay to watch it. The only thing is, you can't get Tips since the doors will be locked.

Well I like to try out clothing stores to redo townies clothing to my liking.

And if they don't accept the interaction to change, they die!

But then my customer loyalty can go down...

There is an object cloned from the clothing rack which lets you transport Townies and any Sim in the nieghbourhood to the lot and be able to change their clothes, hair and face. I've forgotten where I got it because I changed the name and description, but if you want it, I could send it to you, or upload it somewhere and give you the link.

the concert hall thing is actually a reaslly good idea!i've thought of alot of interesting businesses but that is by far the most interesting

Thanks Badlilbrunette22, I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know if it works, but I think it will be quite good as well. I tried running a bar yesterday, but nobody really bought anything, and they were always talking so I couldn't get the rank up.

I've only thought of bakeries so far, for my pre-made maxis families, but its cool because if you design the bakery before starting the buisiness, (applies to home only, cause I've never done a community buisiness yet) then the only thing you really have to pay for is more groceries, & my theory (since I haven't tried it yet) for Seasons is if you have enough fresh food points, you shouldn't even have to pay for the groceries. This could be even better if you try using caught fish instead of plants from a garden because it doesn't cost anything to fish, but it does to tend a garden.

Just a few questions, I want to find a buisiness that could help Brandi Broke (Pleasantview) go from rags to riches, byonly using the motherlode & mybe the Sim Modder cheats. (Tomestone of L&D may need to be used too, but other than that.)

I think a bakery (only desert foods other than Santa Cookies) is my best bet, but then an extension to the Brokes' trailer is in order. Plus it might not look right. I'll try it and post some pictures if I remember to take them.

Hi, nekogirl001, I was thinking about your idea about making Brandi Broke go from rags to riches, and I have some ideas.

Your desserts idea is very good. Did you know, the Getalin dessert, doesn't need any cooking at all. You just take it out of the fridge and eat it or sell it.

Also, in one of my home businesses, I made a market. You could use a similar idea to that but selling desserts instead. I'll see if I can find a picture of my market and post a link here.

i made brandi go from rags to riches,sort of.What i did was i didnt use any cheats and i put in the electron ticket thing.She or dustin would just persuade coustomers to come in and i would like charge 10 simelons or something eventually people started coming and they got some money,sadly i stopped when darren dreamer fell in love with brandi and they moved into a big house all together.Anyways you dont need motherlode or anything just stick the ticket machine in front of her house.To pay for this you might need to sell something or give a kaching or to.Anyway sim-wolf you should start a story part of the form in likje general disusson

Ok its me again now as you know I usselly help other people on the sims 2, well now you need to help me! On the sims 2 open business and the sims 2 Bon Voyage you can get a hotel business kow the question is how? if you know how then tell, thanks. Bye!

Hello again

Unfortunately, you can't run hotel businesses even with both OFB and Bon Voyage installed. It would be cool if you could run a hotel business, but you can't.

It is possible however to build a hotel for a base or sub hood. All you have to do is make a new community lot/residential lot, and type the "changeLotZoning hotel" cheat whilst inside the lot. Saving and exiting to the neighbourhood before returning to the lot will give you the proper tools and objects which should be available in hotels. (You will also need to type in the cheat "boolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabled false" cheat whilst inside the lot after saving, exiting, returning, etc. to unlock the locked build mode options. You can also convert a normal residential or community lot into a hotel using this cheat. Just make sure there's no family on the residential lot when you do it. (I'm not sure what will happen if you do, but I don't think it will be nice).

Ok you can't have a hotel business with the sims 2 open business or bon vayage but what if you have all the expansions.You could also get a community lot have your sim buy that community lot then turn it into a hotel by using the hotel and dorm cheat then people come to you hotel business!

In your hotel you should have a little shop which you can also put in your neiberhood, but not like a metro land or something which is another good idea for a business just a little shop......

Well I haven't tried that way of getting a hotel business, but I'm 99.9% certain it won't work. First of all there's probably no actions or pie menu options to assign employees (or your own Sim) to be the Bellhop, so I'm afraid you're probably stuck. Also normal townies never rent a room in a hotel in vacation neighbourhoods or base hoods. The tourist families will always occupy them no matter where the hotel is. I think you can boolprop townies to hire rooms though. But your family would have to pay. Razz

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