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Post  Sim-Wolf on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 7:14 pm

This is an archive forum topic from the old Sim-Wolf Forum

Is it possible to mix clothes or mix hairstyles ect.? Bye!

No, its not. lol. I think there is a possible way to seperate an outfit into a top an bottom with a meshing tool, but I wouldn't know how to do it.

It is possible to mesh clothes, eyes ect. To do this go to the sims 2 body shop then choose the shape of the clothing, choose the name of it but don't put it on your game. (don't worry about the colour you can change that later) Open my documents (without closing the sims 2 body shop) then click on... ea games, the sims 2, progects, then the name of your project that you made on the sims 2 body shop. Now click on the picture (twice) with the clothing that you saved, you can now change the colour! Then save it in the same file that you have opend up (I think you can change the shape and put a pattern on but I don't know how) Then go back to the sims 2 body shop and click on the arrow (which is turning in a circle) it will apply what you did on the documents, then apply it to your game then DONE! Its on your game! Bye!

Well, I'm afraid that's not meshing, or creating a mesh. A mesh is the 3D shape which you make recolours for. Creating a mesh is editing and building the 3D shape (very complicated). Its like shaping the actual hair style, not just changing the colour.

What you were describing was recolouring. Besides, eyes don't even need meshes I don't think. Neither do the flat beards, because they are just applied to the face.

Do you think its good though?

Well. You should describe how to change the colour. Its not very simple. Normally, it changes the whole outfits colour to blue, green, etc. Not very pretty. Its hard just to change a section of the outfit. Sad

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